Limited Batch Size

Batch size of Limited students to have focused attention and Better Monitoring(35-38 students max)

Young and Dynamic Team of Teachers

Teaching by Doctors and Engineers. Dynamic team of young and expert faculties

Mini Library

Free access to Programmatix Mini Library facility which consists of all important books & 1000 + reference books.

Concise and Complete Study Material

 The Exhaustive study material that we provide is meticulously prepared by our experts, to help students prepare subjectively as well as objectively for their exams. It is simplified yet comprehensive; This serves as a treasure of concepts and questions also including hand written notes.

E-learning Facility

App based MCQ tests for JEE | NEET | MH-CET

Performance Analysis

Detailed and Personalized Performance Analytics along with report card to measure progress of each student

Quick Revision

University questions , solutions , concept and formula sheets for quick revision

Video Lectures

Animated video lectures, articles and continuous online doubt solving by IITians and medical experts

Synchronized Learning Program

We offer synchronized as well as non-synchronized learning programs for the benefit of the students

Personalized Mentorship Programs

Competitive peer group and personalized mentorship

Weekly Tests

Weekly test & Performance Evaluation (MCQ / Theory / Vivas / Surprise Tests) Chapter-wise / Unit-wise / Half-Portion / Full Portion

Last Minute Crash Course

Last minute revisions and doubt solving during Boards and Entrance exams

E-Class Room

E-Class room , Wi-Fi facility & Corporate methodology of audio visual learning with projector

Study Room

Study room facility for students From 8.00 am to 9.00 pm

Overall Holistic Development

We belive overall development is also important along with academics, therefore at programmatix it is never all work and no play. We have student development events and activities round the year for rejuvenation to get the best out of them and all-round development.

Mentor Mentee Program

Library facility with reference books on varied subjects

Parents Teachers Meeting

 Regular Parents teachers meeting for discussing about the progress of the child.

Highest Teaching Hours (3000 hours)

Each Lecture of 90 minutes each, are designed according to the NCERT pattern and level of JEE and NEET delivered by our esteem faculties with Convenient Lecture Timings daily Tutorial systems and specialised course for bifocal and additional subjects

Personality Development

Personality development program for the holistic development of the student.

Motivational Workshop, Seminars and Internship Programs

Motivational Workshop, Seminars and Internship Programs for students and parents and personal touch for all students

Concept Building Activity

Concept building activities through games with goal based learning

24*7 helpline and support

Parents are kept updated via a WhatsApp group which consists of all parents and teachers

Students can connect with teachers 24*7 on all students and teacher group

Equal Emphasis on Competitive Exams as well as boards

Along with preparing for competitive Exams like JEE Mains, ADV., MHT-CET, NEET etc… students are also well prepared & trained for theory & boards.

Programmatix Culture

At Programmatix we follow a culture & way of life that plants a seed of values, morals, citizenship, conduct,
& worth within each students which is nurtured well and grows forever

Yoga Sessions

To inculcate positivity and freshness among the students.

Psychological Care

We understand that mental wellbeing and psychological health is equally important for a student to make the most of his capability. We make every effort to create a positive and ‘learning friendly’ environment for our students. Psychological help and counselling is done for our every student to help them stay in their best state mentally and emotionally.

Strong feedback system & Faculty Induction Programs

Students feedback is taken on regular intervals, every semister, to provide feedback about teachers, management and staff, as this helps us to improve ourselves and deliver better to our students.

Online Form Filling and Support

Online Form Filling and Support during admissions till the students gets admission

CCTV Security System

Hi-Tech Security System technologically advanced CCTV security system to ensure safe surroundings and in-house discipline

Bio Metric attendance monitoring system

To supervise the attendance of our students, a highly computerized Bio Metric attendance monitoring system has benn installed in our buildings.

PISAT (Programmatix Institute Scholarship and Admission Test)

The objective of the PISAT exam is to test the students in PCMB and their interests in Engineering, Medical or other Science Fields.
To identify the proficiency of the student.
Access their level of understanding in the subjects.
Give scholarships based in line with their performance in PISAT(Fees will not be a barrier for deserving students.)